Daily MadGab – translation at its finest

Due to my overly obsessive behaviour towards list making, I have decided to just start a page where I can share my latest thoughts, in list format of course, with you.

Lets Play a Word Game:

1) when you hear a group of old women walking down the street yelling “Die!!” At each other…. First thought is obviously that these elderly women are probably about to throw it down, but upon learning the ItalIan way, you shall realize that this indeed means “come on”. For example, family sitting in a restaurant. Child explains they don’t want to finish their vegetables and mother says (or rather yells, because their loud Italian speakers) die! To survive, it’s essential to know this one

2) The use of the phrase ” Che schifo” apparently literally translates to something about “that makes me poop”. People use this phrase for so many things To say “that’s disgusting” basically. For example: “last night I accidently poured sour milk into my cereal” “oh, Che schifo!”

3) Plurals… Oh plurals. The one thing I actually prefer in English. My Italian friend here told me about a sign he saw that was translated poorly into English because of plurals… Solo (only) moto (shortened for motorcycles)… Well you need to pluralize solo to show more than one motorcycle can be parked there. In Italian the sign read: sole moto. If you type that directly into your Google Translate (which these people apparently did), it doesn’t recognize that solo is being pluralized. And so, sole as its own word means sun. Moto on its own literally means motion. Instead of the sign reading only motorbikes, it read: sun motion……. Did nobody think that was weird for a sign to say in a parking lot? Only in Italy.



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