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What starts out terrible is bound to only get better!


Although my flight to Roma, my first few experiences in my new country, and my arrival in Firenze were terrible at best, I learned a few lessons and now already have a few stories to laugh at as I tell. In Roma I was able to see all of the major sights in one very full day before my luggage finally arrived safely from Dublin (sigh of relief!). I met a wonderful couple from South Africa who invited me to come tour with them in the future. There really are some amazing people out there in the world.

I grabbed the train on Sunday to Firenze where I yet again got myself in some trouble when I tried to move into the wrong flat…. A friendly Italian woman helped me by pointing out that I was looking for 73, not 37, and also added that ” you are so young, but your brain is so old”, why thank you Ma’am.  She got her beastly neighbour to carry my 42lb bag down the 3 flights of stairs (NOT Canadian stairs folks, these, these are Italian flights if stairs and THIS alone is why they are not obese here). I got to my flat relatively unharmed (just kidding mom, I’m completely fine). Unpacked and the next day attended the parade at Il Duomo for Epiphany, which is like the Italian second Christmas. It was beautiful and I’m sure it was a very good speech too, although I only understood the word baby, and every number he mentioned.

I made my first grocery trip which included the purchase of a tub of yogurt… Not ice cream, yogurt. It’s a real thing. I watched a game of roller hockey, also a real thing, which is the same as ice hockey, but on roller skates, not blades, skates. This sport also includes absolutely horrific dances from the cheer team in silver tassel dresses that kind of look like tinsel. I dont think I’ll be trying out for that team anytime soon. Today my roommate (American) and I attended our first day of school at Linguaviva Language School and our other two roommates (South Africa and England) went to their other school. I met so many new people from all over including Brazil, Colombia, America, China, and even Iceland!! I am the only Canadian and everyone seems to be fascinated by the Icelandic boy and myself. I am also the only blonde one, go figure.

After a horrible start, I finally feel immersed in the culture and language and after only one class I feel so much more confident in my language development as I’ve been told I have a great Italian accent (perfecto ;)… I am also loving my flat, which is absolutely huge, brand new interior, but with a traditional Italian feel, I am so comfortable, and I love all if my roommates so far. Tonight I watched a British television show in my Italian flat, with my South African, American, and English roomies while waiting for our new Polish flatmate to arrive with our Italian landlord. Who’s life am I living?

cannot wait to see what comes next!

Ciao Tutti, until next time.