My ‘Eat’ – The Italy Bucket List

  1. Smoke an Italian cigarette
  2. Drink wine in the streets
  3. Sketch while sitting in a park
  4. Purchase something of real leather
  5. Partake in a street performance
  6. Ride a Vespa
  7. See the pope
  8. Eat gelato while listening to someone play the accordion
  9. Take a shot of espresso in one go
  10. Take a mocking picture with David
  11. Handstand on a volcano
  12. Eat pizza in Naples
  13. Find someone from outside North America who knows where Saskatchewan is.
  14. Get someone to paint my portrait (for D)
  15. Throw a coin off the Ponte Vecchio and make a wish into the Arno (for D)

Was going to add bath in Nutella, but I didn’t want to have to share a picture of that horror

Ah, the bucket list. So I decided to make a bucket list for Italy. I have titled it my “eat” as I want to be cliche with this. Before leaving, I had so many people tell me that this journey was my eat, pray,love. I have never seen the movie or read the book, but after one friend continued to bring it up, I figured why not. So I bought the book. I am currently reading it and I must say, it feels a lot like I’m reading my own life. Like someone followed me to Italy, climbed inside my brain, and put my thoughts into words.. Then sold it and made millions. Of course minus the divorce and mid life crisis stuff. From the sights of lovers in the streets, to the questions from acquaintances regarding why in the world would you choose to learn the most worldwide useless language. It’s all in there. My thoughts and feelings spilled out. So I made a bucket list and, as you can see, most of the contents revolve around food. So it must be true, Italy is my “Eat”… It’s my Eataly if you must. My list Is not meant to be a serious dedicated following, as my lists sometimes become. It is meant to create laughter; a sort of cliche of a list if you must. As I complete an item I’ll add it into my next blog entry, but I’ll also create a separate page on my blog home page where I will keep the list and the pictures to prove my conquers. Throughout my travels I will continue to update, delete, and add items to this list as time goes by, as I believe a bucket list cannot simply be a ‘final list’ made in an instant by one person trying to define what they want their future activities to include. 

I am not new to lists of this kind, as some of you may know, I’m a bit of a list fan. In fact, I started a “100 things to do before I die” list when I was 11 years old. It started with elements of eleven year old girl culture: meet Hilary duff, be prettier than Emma Watson, win a provincial gymnastics gold medal. I can safely say I have and will only ever cross one of those three off my list. I added to the list year by year and by 17 I was becoming a more realistic human with entries such as pass biology 30, get a scholarship, and ride in a limo. I got a little bit less adventurous with my list as I became more greedy with experiencing the satisfaction of crossing tasks off the list. As you can imagine, after 12 years of holding onto this list, I am getting a little low on numbers…. 88, 89, 90 …. Visit Asia, get married, Run a half marathon… So what happens when I reach 100? Do I have to die? Like, oh, okay well I guess that’s it. That’s all you get to do in your life.. No. The list has to keep going, it must be altered, and it must be ongoing. Heck, sometimes I add items to my list after I have completed them just so I can cross them off: travel over seas with my mom and sister. 

So, to rerun, this bucket list will be a guide to the crazy, silly, cliche, and photo worthy things I do during my time here. Not everything I will be proud of, in fact my first entry is not a proud one (sorry mom), but it’s part of the culture. Sometimes you have to try everything once. And so, my first entry: 

1. Smoke an Italian cigarette (while drinking prosecco on a balcony overlooking the pointe vecchio) so you think you fancy huh?  If it makes any difference, I coughed like crazy after this picture. Smoking: not my next hobby.

 5. Partake in a street performance. I casually practice handstands in my bedroom on a regular basis just to prepare for spontaneous moments like this.  

 10. Take a mocking picture with David… I just couldn’t figure out what we were suppose to be staring at.  

 11. Handstand on a volcano. ON a volcano folks, not in. Again with the spontaneous handstands. Cross Vesuvius off my personal bucket list as well!   

 12. Eat pizza in Naples – the whole thing to myself. Heaven, for a moment, was in my mouth. Thank you Jesus for stone baked crust.   

2. Drink wine in the streets & 4. Purchase something of real leather – This picture was a double whammy. Moms idea, can you imagine? I feel like an alcoholic Zoro. Real Italian leather and fur gloves, purchased from a charity sale for 5€  and a 3€ bottle of Prosecco (okay, a cheap alcoholic Zoro). Classy none the less though, right? 

 3. Sketch while sitting in the park – Rome brought out the artsy folk in me…. My masterpiece of the great Vittorio Emanuel II Park. Mommy says I’m special.   


6. Ride a Vespa – Correction on the word choice, it’s a scooter, but I rode one! “She has her hands around your waste, with a balance that could keep you safe. Have you ever felt the warm embrace, of a leather seat between your legs” Thankyou Mackelmore for giving me a song to sing in my head every time I got on one of these bad boys.   

  9. Take a shot of espresso in one go – Like the poor Italian representation that I truely am, I waited for it to cool, for fear I may burn my esophagus. Then I did it! Man, was that bitter…. Then I got a real coffee to enjoy. 

 13. Find someone outside of North America who knows where Saskatchewan is – random Italian guy at a pub: “where are you from?” Me: “Canada” him: “where in Canada?” Me: “Saskatchewan” (waiting for the confused looks) him: “no you don’t, because nobody lives in Saskatchewan. There is nothing there.” Me: (jaw drops) “do you know where that is?” Him: “yeah, I went to Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, then skipped over Saskatchewan and Manitoba because there is nothing there but flat land, and went to Toronto” … Walks away like the badass he is.

15. Throw a coin off the Ponte Vecchio – I threw, I wished, the rest is a secret. 

 Italy is over, and sadly I did not get to complete everything, but the darn Pope wasn’t home! So people, start thinking about Japan. Stereotypical, cliche, funny, or unique things you think you’d want to see me do in the land of modern technology. 

Stay tuned for my updated blog, as I’ve been super busy with Christmas and having my family visit I have been slacking on writing. However, fear not, as that doesn’t mean I don’t have hilarious stories to share. I’ll also be posting my final overview guide to Italy. My tips, tricks, and suggestions for travelling the beautiful country I call my second home. I am also very excited to soon be posting my first #GoDo interview!

Much love, your Armstrong Abroad (now in Montenegro)